CE: What inspired your love for sports media?

JB: What inspired my love for sports media was the women who looked like me in these positions. There aren’t many Black women or women of color in these roles, so seeing the few that were amazing in the industry inspired me to want to follow in their footsteps.

CE: Talk about Bleacher Report’s HighlightHER. What is the message? What does a typical day look like for you there?

JB: HighlightHER is a social media platform that covers all ages, levels, and abilities in women’s sports. Our mission is to empower, amplify, and highlight women and girls in all sports who have a compelling story to tell, while also showcasing in video form why they’re so great at what they do.

A typical day for me consists of making pitches with brands for possible collaborations, posting content and news to all of our platforms (IG, X, Youtube, and TikTok, etc.), traveling on-site to create social media pieces with athletes, and creating daily to-dos for what’s ahead as far sports tent poles and the games for that day.

CE: Dream interview?

JB: My dream interview would be with either Lisa Leslie or Michael Jordan.

CE: Most memorable game or moment you have covered?

JB: Most memorable I’ve covered was the 2023 NCAA championship game with LSU-Iowa. Being able to cover a historical championship of that magnitude was absolutely incredible and if I could do it again I would.

CE: Advice for anyone looking to get into sports media?

JB: Don’t be afraid if you don’t start out at the top. You will meet anyone that’s connected to someone at any level. Networking across is more valuable than networking up. And most importantly, have fun! Work is supposed to be fun. If the environment is suitable for your mental health, it’s ok to explore other options. Do what’s best for you.