McKinley Dixon Beloved! Paradise! Jazz?! review

Virginia rapper, McKinley Dixon does not disappoint on his album Beloved! Paradise! Jazz?! One thing that’s unique about Dixon is he can effortlessly switch his flow on songs and do it well. One moment he sounds calm, cool and collective and just floats over jazz produced beats, before shifting gears and delivering rigid bars.

This project is well executed by McKinley and has an upbeat feeling. It’s really good music for the summer. It has elements that make you feel like you’re listening to an orchestra at park on a nice evening, but still has rapping with it, mainly on tracks like “Tyler, Forever”. I have been listening to it for the last several days while I am working or in the car and it really has potential to be one of the best projects this year.

Favorite song: Mezzanine Tippin’ feat. Teller Bank$, Alfred

Blaze scale: 8/10