NBA insider, Cuffs the Legend gives his takeaways from the NBA season and Nikola Jokic is the best!

CE: What inspired you to get into sports media and start your own podcast?

Cuffs: I first started a podcast back in 2011, way back before “podcasts” were even a thing. Had major guests like Joe Budden on my show way back then. You can say I’m actually the real Podfather.

CE: Biggest takeaway from NBA season? Any predictions for next season?

Cuffs: The Denver Nuggets showed the whole basketball world that TEAM CHEMISTRY is a better championship formula than just having a team full of stars and no continuity.

CE: Is Jokic the best player in the world?

Cuffs: Jokic is officially the best basketball player on Earth right now until proven otherwise.

CE: Any advice for someone looking to get into sports media?

Cuffs: We live in a copycat society now, where everyone is constantly trying to mimic other people. Be original and most importantly, THINK FOR YOURSELF.