CE: What made you want to be a Sports Director? 

CH: If you’re the big cheese you usually get the most air time though that’s not an absolute.  I also wanted to chart the course for a sports department and exert my influence there on content, etc.

CE: Who has given you the most memorable interview? 

CH: Several memorable interviews going back to Bear Bryant in the 80’s to Marvin Harrison, Sr. just two weeks ago in studio and hundreds of coaches and athletes in between.  Covering the likes of Jerry Rice in Mississippi and the relationship formed there.  Years later, he remembered the show and our time together on our Sports Journal show on WLBT in Jackson, MS as he was the Grand Marshall on the Fiesta Bowl parade.  Stunned several of my co-workers when I introduced them to Rice.

CE: Expectations for the Buckeyes this year? What game do you think is a”trap” game this year? 

CH: Ohio State will roll if they get the quarterback right, Kyle McCord or Devin Brown.  I think there could be two traps games, Oct. 7th vs. Maryland and Nov. 18th against Minnesota the week before the trip to the TSUN and a must win over TTUN.  3 straight losses to UM would not sit well in Central Ohio.

CE: Any advice for someone looking to get into sports broadcasting/journalism? 

CH: Get some training in radio.  Wish I had more.  The ability to ad lib and think on your feet, tell a story or carry on a conversation is an essential skill.  Biggest regret I have probably.  I didn’t have that natural gift of gab and radio would have stretched me as a performer, actor, reporter, etc.