CE: What has been the most satisfying part about writing children’s books?

CW: Just the process. Trying to think back about my childhood and what I liked about books or didn’t Iike and trying to make that fun for kids now. Just having an inspiring message in the books and something kids can relate to.

CE: You have three books centered around your main character “CJ” What inspires the stories about him?

CW: They are all true stories. CJ is me, just in book form, but everything that happened in the books happened in my life. I always wanted to tell true stories when I started this process. I never wanted something fabricated. I feel like if it’s real regardless if they like it or not they will be able to feel it’s authenticity in the books.

CE: When did you know you wanted to be an author?

CW: Crazy thing is I never wanted to become an author, it kind of just happened off of an idea. I was sitting on the couch and asked myself “how can I tell my story but also still inspire kids now that I don’t play in the NBA anymore?” This idea popped in my head and once I start something, I’m the type of person that wants to finish it and see the end result and here we are book number four. I’m happy with the stories that I have had the opportunity to share with the next generation.

CE: What are some of your NBA playoff predictions? Who do you like in each conference? Who are you picking to win it all?

CW: I like Sacramento to make some noise, a young up and coming team, well coached. I think the west is going to be a dog fight, so many good teams. If I had to choose I would say the Bucks come out the East and The Nuggets come out the West with the Bucks winning again. Giannis and his supporting crew are just too good and they’ve been there before and I’m sure they want to get there again and win it.

CE: Any advice for anyone looking to write a book one day?

CW: Just do it. Take the leap of faith. It’s hard but you will be fulfilled when a young kid comes up to you and says “I bought your book and I like it”. For me it’s just kids saying they like the book and read it before bed or at home with their parents. Tears of joy!