CE: What music do you listen to before a game?

QC: I listen to a mixture playlist which has some of the latest albums from Drake and J Cole as well as some gospel songs on my gameday playlist as well!

CE: Toughest opponent you have played against professionally?

QC: Toughest opponent I’ve played against professionally is me. I’ve played against some great talent overseas but I feel like I can always compete with those guys. If I don’t play to my full potential it’s because I was in my own head and nothing they did. Not trying to sound cocky and say I’m better than anyone or anyone is better than me, I just feel at the end of the day it is me who I am competing with out there on that court!

CE: What if your greatest accomplishment as a basketball player?

QC: Everyday I get to wake up traveling knowing I’m in a different country or just being able to still play this game that I love is my greatest accomplishment. To be blessed everyday by God to be able to see this world while doing something I love there is no greater feeling!!

CE: Other hobbies outside of basketball?

QC: Other hobbies outside of basketball; I am trying to get more into fashion as far as dressing and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I also enjoy just spending time with family/friends as well!!

CE: Favorite shoe to hoop in? Favorite shoe to wear for fashion?

QC: My favorite shoe to hoop in are Kobe’s and the old KD 6’s.

My favorite shoe for fashion I would say Nike SB’s, Airmax, Jordan’s and Pumas