Haliegh Reinoehl is Designing the Future

CE: Talk about your creative process. What steps do you take while developing websites?

HR: When creating a website, I always think functionality first and performance, and then user navigation and lastly aesthetic design. I build websites that work and produce traffic them being pretty is just a bonus.

CE: What brands influence your vision for designing things?

HR: I don’t not have a lot of brands necessarily that I draw inspiration from, more like top designers layouts and tech trends

CE: Most memorable professional game as a professional basketball player?

HR: This past season I broke my hand for the second time in the past 12 months (the other hand not the same one) I thought I was going to get cut from my Australian team because it is a business and I could not play. Instead of my team had faith in me. The club and coaching staff didn’t even blink. They got me ready for finals and I played in 5 weeks . I was thankful and that first game back was my most memorable for the weight it held from my team and club believing in me . It was special and now I’m heading back in February to play for that same team.

CE: Are there any similarities between website development and being a pro athlete?

HR: I see athletics and business translate a lot to each other. It is competitive. Making the website is the easy part. Securing someone to work with you is the hard part because there are thousands of other web developers that can do what I do. I have to be different to get their business. I have to do the little things. Knowing you are replaceable is the best motivation in my opinion. In business and in sports.