CE: Some of your most memorable games, achievements, accolades playing professional basketball?

IS: One of my most memorable games is when I got MVP of the week in Switzerland. I had 36p & 8r in a good team win.
Another one of my most memorable games was during my season in Mexico. We started the season off on a dry patch: I think we were 0-9. Then, finally we won a game and we were 1-9. Even though our record still wasn’t good, I remember that win more than most of my other wins during my career because that win taught me to truly never give up. It taught me resilience.

CE: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gained from your coaches?

IS: “To enjoy it while it lasts, because one day the ball will stop bouncing.”
Although that saying is cliche, it holds a lot of power. Our careers will come to a halt one day, and given that basketball is apart of our souls as professional athletes, the transition isn’t always easy. That’s why I think it is important to enjoy every moment while it’s here.

CE: What are some of your other hobbies outside of basketball?

IS: Cooking, listening to music, traveling, cafe-hopping, shopping

CE: Favorite sports movie?

IS: Hoop Dreams

CE: Long term goals after basketball?

IS: I want to stay involved with the sport. Some of the ways I am interested in doing that are by coaching, or becoming a sports dietician.

CE: Break someone’s ankles or dunk on them?

IS: Break someone’s ankles