Brianna Rollerson Has a Stacked Resume

CE: Some of your most memorable games, achievements, accolades playing professional basketball?

BR: •Playing in the second round of the NCAA tournament in Tennessee

•Finals of the cup with a second league team in Germany
-Center of the year and Important of the year in Germany 2018.

•Made it to the Finals in 2022.

CE: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gained from your coaches?

BR: There is more to life than basketball. It comes with wonderful opportunities and people but you should enjoy it and have fun because it is just a sport.

CE: What are some of your other hobbies outside of basketball?

BR: I love going for walks and playing my Nintendo switch. I’ve recently been learning Dutch on Duolingo. A lot of Netflix.

CE: Long term goals after basketball?

BR: I want to join the military. I haven’t decided on what specific branch.

CE: Favorite sports movie?

BR: Glory Road

CE: Break someone’s ankles or dunk on them?

BR: A backboard breaking DUNK