CE: Some of your most memorable games, achievements, accolades playing professional basketball?

MT: I’ve had a few special moments over the professional years, but the most memorable I would have to say was my 30 point game in Portugal last season. Not only was it my game high but we won on a buzzer beater. With two seconds left on the clock my point guard found me down low and we got the dubbb!

CE: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gained from your coaches?

MT: It’s not about how many minutes you play, it’s about how hard you work on the court with the time earned.

CE:What are some of your other hobbies outside of basketball?

MT: The past few years overseas i’ve fallen in love with photography. Europe has so much to offer so I bought myself a camera and take it everywhere I go. I also have a passion for cooking, before it felt like a chore to me

CE: Favorite sports movie?

MT: Coach Carter! I could watch that movie everyday and not get tired of it

CE: Long term goals after basketball?

MT: After I hang up the sneakers, I will venture into education and coaching. The IQ and knowledge of basketball i’ve soaked in over the years is something I want to give the next generation of athletes.

CE: Break someone’s ankles or dunk on them?

MT: Definitely break someone’s ankles and get a bucket!