1. What was your reaction to having your own rookie card and signature collection?

It was a blessing for sure. Being able to use my image and likeness for the first time was really amazing.

2. What is the basketball scene in Europe like compared to the United States?

It’s very cut throat. It is tough being away at times. Confidence slips but you have to understand, you’re there for a reason.

3. You have been a big advocate for mental health. When did you realize this was a serious topic that impacts lots of people? Best coping mechanisms?

My freshman year in college I realized that I had a platform and my ability to speak out on things. I just wanted to make an impact and difference for others. I cope by staying close to my people, working out, video games, praying, meditation, working on self awareness, and just being honest.

4. If you could play one on one against anyone, who would it be and why?

Jokic. To be able to play against the best at my position.

5. Any advice for young athletes?

Stay true to yourself. Don’t try to be anything that you’re not. Stay committed and play as long as you can.