Getty Quarterback Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns.

CE: Will the Browns’ offense be more dependent on Deshaun Watson as a runner now that Nick Chubb is out?

DL: The Browns will continue to lean on Deshaun Watson as a runner, but Nick Chubb’s injury likely won’t have as big an impact on the volume at which he’s used in the run game as some people might think.

The rushing load will fall to Jerome Ford and, eventually, when he’s ready, Kareem Hunt as Ford’s backup. While Kevin Stefanski spent his offseason studying ways to use Watson in the run game — think about how Jalen Hurts is used, for example — the Browns don’t want him to be Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen. They want to protect him and losing Chubb doesn’t change that.

Could Watson end up with another carry or two? Perhaps, but don’t expect the Browns to alter their quarterback run plan much in the wake of Chubb’s injury.