CE: What got you into photography?

HS: I have always enjoyed creativity for as long as I can remember, it came in different forms. Growing up I enjoyed taking pictures and did not think much of it, i was a broke college student who could not afford a camera so I made it work with my iphone.Pictures were a way to express my creativity to the world, what got me into photography was the autonomy to create anything and showcase my work through my lens (literally). Photography brings my vision to life.

CE: You have a “Street Sports” section in your portfolio and it’s awesome. How is that different from shooting sports in an arena?

HS: Street photography tells a story, which is what my work is all about. To be able to tell a story and show what sports really looks like in our day to day life, where it all begins, the people it brings together and the pure joy you see when you catch the off guard moments. You don’t get to witness the same emotions and rawness in an arena under all the pressure and media. Sports is about joy, relaxation for some, getaway, and bringing communities together. 

CE: What do some of your daily tasks look like in sports media & partnerships for FIFA/NCAA?

HS: Everyday is different for me in my job role. I work as a project manager on everything FIFA, we are working on various projects across FIFA and NCAA. From designing the merchandise with adidas to making sure the filter instagram is creating goes with our company’s brand, to photoshoots with our signed athletes like Giannis, it’s non stop work but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is so much effort that goes into creating a memorable tournament for the people. My day to day consists of PR,Influencer marketing, strategy, digital work etc

CE: Any Projects we should be on the lookout for in the future?

HS: There is so much exciting stuff that I am working on for the future. I want to expand my horizons and tackle NBA, athlete management, EA sports,US open, fashion etc. The projects that I am working on are getting me closer and closer to where I want to be and I cannot wait to share more about it once they kick off.