Zachary Grashel stirs the music scene with new record store in Columbus, Ohio

CE: What inspired your love for music and to start a record store?

ZG: I’m a Hilltop native and I saw breaking for the first time when I was 12-years-old and dove straight into it! I was already a graffiti writer and somewhat of a rapper at the time, but breaking took over my life quickly and soon after I started DJing. I started collecting records a few years back and my whole thing with the records was to dig and find records to listen to and then throw it in a crate. I ended up having all these crates and the technology to have 30k songs on my Serato. I decided to sell the records to people who’d appreciate them. The store is a place to share and to help build Columbus Hip-Hop as a whole, DJs , bboys and bgirls writers and MCs .

My goal for the shop is to feel like you’ve entered the Bronx when you come through the front door.
I’ve started dabbling into street culture that rubs elbows with Hip-Hop as well because being a Hilltop kid, anytime I wanted to do anything I had to go somewhere else. So, I wanted to give the locals a place to at least try before they have to drive across the city.