Hope Madden and George Wolf discuss their latest cinematic venture, ‘Obstacle Corpse’

CE: Most satisfying part of making a movie? Did any other films inspire Obstacle Corpse?

GW: The most satisfying part was taking something that was so personal to us – the ideas we had and the script that Hope wrote – and learning to trust a group of very talented people to help us bring it to life. And, of course, we’re incredibly proud of what our son did with his performance as the chef and the music in the soundtrack. As for inspirations, we like to describe the film as a mashup of Battle Royale and Caddyshack!

HM: The most satisfying thing was seeing how other people’s contributions shaped the story – how one actor interprets a character, how one camera angle changes the tone of a scene, how editing and music change things. It was like magic. And seeing how magnificent our son Donovan was in the role I wrote for him was very cool!

For the look of Obstacle Corpse my cinematographer and I relied heavily on Midsommar. For the tone of the story it was a cross between Battle Royale and Caddyshack.

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