Chase Senior discusses path to working with Chat Sports, Eagles and 49ers season preview and James Harden landing spot

CE: What made you want to get involved in sports journalism?

CS: I knew I wanted to be in sports broadcasting when I was five years old. When my family and I moved into our home outside of Philadelphia, the first thing I did was turn on the TV and the regional sports network in Philadelphia came on the screen. I saw people talking about Philadelphia sports for a living and I said that’s what I want to do when I grow up, so along the way I’ve taken the necessary steps to carve out a career in broadcasting. I was so passionate about sports as a kid and all I did was really watch games. In high school, I did some sports anchoring for our high school morning announcements and then at Temple University I graduated with a degree in journalism, and while I was there, I had a radio show 4 to 5 days a week, I was an anchor, host reporter, and analyst for our television station, I wrote for the student newspaper, and had an internship at the regional sports net work that I grew up, watching, and a local sports talk radio station. From there, I’ve worked my way up the broadcasting ladder from covering high school sports in Illinois, so working for one of the most watched local news stations in the country as a news and sports reporter to where I am at Chat Sports covering the NFL, NBA, college football and Major League Baseball.

CE: What expectations do you have for the 49ers and Eagles going into the season? Do you think these could be the two best teams in the NFC?

CS: My expectations for the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers are that they are the two top teams in the NFC and I think there is a significant gap from Philadelphia and San Francisco to that third team. If both teams can stay healthy, I think that once again they are on a collision course to meet up in the NFC championship game, both rosters are loaded with premier players, pro bowlers, future Hall of Famer‘s, and are very well coached.

CE:Best landing spot for James Harden and where does Philly go from here?

CS: The ideal landing spot for James Harden is the Los Angeles Clippers. I think that his market is severely water down because of his age, the production declining his playoff struggles, which are notable at this point in him getting grumpy when things don’t go his way as evidenced by how his rockets and nets 10 years have ended And how he’s trying to ask out to Philadelphia right now. There aren’t many teams who have shown interest in him which is why he opted into that player option because he realized the years and money weren’t there and I think the Clippers make the most sense because they need a point guard who can initiate the office pressure of the rim and get downhill to set up Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

CE: Any advice for someone looking to get involved in sports journalism?

CS: My best advice for anybody looking to get into sports broadcasting: it is free to start a blog, website, YouTube channel, and podcast. All you really need is a computer and the possibilities are limitless. Everybody sees how fun it can be to talk sports be on camera and have a social media following but there’s so much work that goes into it and it’s an industry that doesn’t pay well initially but if you work hard to have talent and persevere and have passion, you can be successful in this industry consistency Consistency is also key. You’re not going to get better without reps and you’re not going to build a following with your podcast website, YouTube channel etc. without consistent work.