Jessica Slate on managing social media in athletics and inspiration behind the Slate House

CE: What was your inspiration behind the Slate House?

JS: After working for networks, teams and athletic departments, I realized that I wanted to take all the experience and skills I had acquired, and provide it directly to athletes. I wanted to help them tell their own stories, showcase themselves, and execute their ideas in a way authentic to them. The name came from two concepts of a house. The first being a house as a home, a place where people go to feel comfortable and protected. My goal was to help them without the formality and coldness that can sometimes be associated with large agencies or companies. Second, was the concept of a house as an industry leader. It is often used in fashion and other industries to describe brands that create blueprints and set the tone such as the House of Gucci, House of Chanel, etc. I wanted to be a foundation for concierge services in the sports industry.

CE: What do some of your daily tasks look like managing projects, working social media and athletes?

JS: Most consistently, I manage social media accounts daily. Depending on the athlete or their business, I will have to post across their platforms, engage with comments and tagged stories or posts, monitor messages for business opportunities, and repost any relevant posts. Weekly I have meetings with their foundations or business partnerships, assisting with planning upcoming events, marketing campaigns, or anything that may need social media coverage. Finally, especially in the NBA off-season I will travel to be on-site for events, camps etc. to help manage the events as well as get social media content. Beyond my project management and social media, I operate in concierge services and assistance. Tasks for that can include but definitely aren’t limited to any day-to-day tasks like reservations or organization, to hands-on helping with multi-city moves from team changes. Additionally, I work for sporting events such as the Super Bowl or Fiesta Bowl and work on their social media team for the week of the events, getting player content and interviews.

CE: Biggest inspirations that got you started in the business?

JS: Originally I was interested in broadcasting so Doris Burke was my primary role model. Along the way, I have also worked alongside leaders paving paths for women, inspiring me to pave my own path. Among them is Amber Cox, Sumer Meyer, Kristina Pink, Ande Wall and my peers, especially including Victoria Jacobi (CountOnVic). Additionally, having the support of athletes believing and trusting in me. Andre Drummond and Grant Williams were critical to me having the confidence to build The Slate House. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

CE: Any advice for someone looking to get into media and managing projects in sports?

JS: Collect as many skills as possible. You never know when you may need to step in to help your team. And most importantly, work as hard at your role, as the athletes around you work at theirs. Find ways to practice and grow your experience, and prepare for the biggest opportunities so that when they come along, you are ready and eager to take on new challenges.