Listening to this album for the first time was A LOT to process. By the second listen, I was really feeling the majority of this project. I listened to it the first time with an open mind and by the end I thought “this is interesting”. The second time I had the lyrics open on my Spotify and Woods’ bars are packed with details and Kenny Segal’s beats really showcase his range with so many different styles. They work perfectly together.. I can say I am a fan of this duo and hope we get more in the future.

SPOILER ALERT: I’m going to tell you my favorite song before I list it at the bottom.. “Soft Landing” the second track on the album . It has a Joe Burrow reference ( I live in Ohio so it’s dope to see Joe putting us on the map like that) and then there is a line referencing two of my favorite Notorious Big songs “Suicidal Thoughts” and “Everyday Struggle” from Ready to Die. Always cool to see the new guys pay homage to the ones before them.

I’m a sucker for good storytelling in music and it’s hard to find people who excel in it in today’s hip-hop. Woods does a great job on this album and really brings places, people and more to life as a result of his experiences traveling. Everything about this album works perfectly from the cover art, to the transitions and the ride it takes us on with these two.

Favorite song: Soft Landing

Blaze scale: 8.5/10