Dani Coleman on creating Black Girl Gifs and her future film projects

CE: What was your inspiration for creating Black Girls Gifs? 

DC: As a culture we are  naturally expressive so, ultimately I wanted to create something that we could use to accurately express ourselves in the social media space. 

CE: You have some pretty big projects in the works, but already have some really good ones in the books. Which one is your favorite? 

DC: Honestly, I don’t have a favorite. Each project has a special place in my heart for different reasons. However, I can say the most fun I’ve had with a project from beginning to end would probably be my web series “They Love It Here” because I was able to work with a lot of my friends on that one.

CE: Where do you draw inspiration for your plots, setting, characters? 

DC: Most of the inspo behind my films come from my real life experiences or experiences of close friends and family. Although, not always based exactly on a “true story” , I tend to throw a piece of myself in every project.

CE: How important is music selection for your movies? 

 DC: Music selection has always been an important factor in my story telling. It really sets the mood and sometimes it helps to push the story along when there is no dialogue being exchanged within the scene.

CE: Any advice for someone looking to get into creating their own movies and short films? What helped you get started? 

DC: Yes. Just do it. Just start. Start writing. Start shooting. Start playing. I know it sounds “simple” , but it really is. As a creator you are in the drivers seat. You control the what and the how. Many people want things to be perfect or to have a bunch of money before they begin, but honestly you just need an idea and a group of like minded friends around to help you bring that idea to life.

I shot an entire short film (CHARLIE) on an iPhone. It won a couple awards in some film festivals. 

I’ve always been a self starter. When I wrote my first short I called my friend who was a film school graduate and asked for advice on how to turn the script into a short , and the rest is history.