Max Van Auken on his NBA M.V.P, finals prediction and bucket list interviews!

CE: How did you get involved in sports media?

MVA: I was always an athlete but I loved to talk sports, so I knew very early I wanted to have an impact on sports using my voice. But I didn’t want to wait for opportunities to come, I wanted to create them myself. So I started my podcast when I was 18 and developed the #WhyWait slogan. Don’t have to wait for what you want, you have to go it. From there it became a domino effect of opportunities and experiences.

CE: Talk about your podcast and how you started it.

MVA: I started my podcast when I was 18, and I knew I wanted to implement my unique analogies and theories into it. But at the same time my favorite thing to do is speak to people. I wanted to create a platform, The Max Van Auken Podcast (The MVP), where I could explore other peoples journeys and perspectives while talking about the game/sports and giving them their flowers. Everyone had a unique value, and I want to showcase that to the world.

CE: Who is someone on your interview bucket list?

MVA: LeBron James was my number one, from him being my favorite athlete but also how he Carries himself as a person and how elevates people in his life is something I always admired and strive to do myself. I completed that interview twice now. But would love to have him on my actual show. Next, would be Colin Cowherd. I had the pleasure to work with him, but having him on the show would be an absolute honor. David Goggins and the mindset he has created for the world and his influence lastly, Obama. That would be a dream come true for me.

CE: Who is the M.V.P. of the league this year?

MVA: The MVP of the NBA is Giannis. Jokic and Embid are having great seasons, but the award has the same name every year “MVP”, the criteria changes. So for me, being the best player and being the most VALUABLE is the most important. That’s Giannis.

CE: Finals predictions?

MVA: I have the Bucks winning the whole thing. They were my pick before the season started and looking the landscape now, they have the best player, championship experience, great Robin and depth. Health is the only concern.

CE: Any advice for someone looking to get into sports media?

MVA: My advice for anyone getting into sports media would be to put yourself out there, grind and be obsessed with the process, embrace the No’s and the failures and flip them into positives and fuel. Network and be a good person. There is a reason fundamentals work.