CE: What was it like shooting the national championship game last year between UGA and TCU?

ZK: Shooting the National championship was a dream come true. I’m such a short amount of time at UGA, I was able to shoot the biggest football game of the year. Everything happened so fast for me. I met so many content creators that I follow on Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn. Besides shooting the game, it was just a great place to be with all these super talented creators!

CE: You had a cool shot of the pitcher’s mound on your website? How did you get that and piece it together?

ZK: I brought my drone (DJI Magic Air 2) to the field one day during practice. Coaches & players loved it. They thought it was so cool to just zip that thing through the air. But I hung it over the pitchers mound pretty high so the sound wouldn’t be distracting, and I did some burst shots so I could get that shadow of the pitcher perfectly.

CE: Is there a certain athlete or event that is on your list to shoot?

ZK: There are definitely some athletes I would love to shoot before they retire, but the one event I want to shoot would be a MLB All-Star game. Baseball has always been my favorite sport, and the best of the best are playing at that time.

CE: Any advice for someone looking to create content like the videos and pictures you do?

ZK: NETWORK! Get on Twitter. Get on LinkedIn. Follow everyone with the job that you want. Interact, be active, message people. Pick people’s brains. This industry is heavily based on Networking. The more people you know, the better in the long run!