Jalen Billups crafts his game after the greats! Who is on his pregame playlist?

CE: When did your love for the game of basketball start? 

JB: I fell in love with the game damn near at birth, I grew up in the Jordan era so my love for the game derived from wanting to be like Mike.

CE: What has your experience been like playing basketball internationally? 

JB: Playing internationally has its ups and downs, like it’s amazing to be seeing the world and being able to get paid for the game you love, but you have to sacrifice being away from loved ones and also comes with a level of uncomfortableness that few really talk about.

CE: Songs on your pregame playlist? 

JB: Sky’s the limit by Wayne and gotta have some Eminem, jigga, Nas, and Cole on there!

CE: Is there a certain player you craft your game after? 

JB: My game is a combination of players: MJ, Kobe, Melo, Bernard King, Joe Johnson that’s just a select few. 

CE: Any advice for someone looking to play basketball at the level you do? 

JB: It comes down to how bad you want it! Plain and simple, realize that this life isn’t all s**** and giggles. It takes a level of maturity and discipline to get here and takes mental toughness to stay.