CE: What inspired you to start running? 

ABM: I used to run cross country and track in high school, but I was a middle of the pack runner. I enjoyed the team environment and social setting. I stopped running in college and after college with only an occasional jog every month or so. Then in 2016 I was shooting a video of my daughter and I could hear my labored breathing and I was over 257 pounds. Can’t be chasing kids in that shape so I decided to start running to lose some weight. Consistency was hard at first to keep getting out the door so I signed up for the Columbus Half Marathon. The farthest I ever ran was 6 miles in high school so this would be more than double that. But I put the money down to do it and I found a training plan to slowly build my miles up. Since then I kept wanting to see how far I can push the limits of what I’m capable of. I’ve been able to run 100 miles in less than 24 hours now and not sure I fully found my limit yet. 

CE: Are there any similarities between running and hosting your podcast? Is the motivation the same? 

ABM: My podcast was a way to intertwine my two hobbies of weather and running. I love running with others and chatting with them on the trail. It’s amazing how on the trail you get to know someone deeper than any other way I know. It’s kinda like therapy for some runners, although not a true substitute. It gives runners a chance to open up and pass the miles by sharing stories. Often crazy stories come up and I wanted to chat with runners about those weather stories they have about when they ran through crazy weather. The podcast is almost like you are along for a run listening to the chats we have. The awesome thing is that I get to chat with some elite runners that are much too fast for me to chat and run with on a normal run. Sometimes the best stories are with the middle and back of the pack runners because they are out there longer. 

CE: Is there a certain race you want to participate in?

ABM: I have a few bucket list races, but some are extremely difficult to get into and there are lottery systems. Hardrock 100 is a race in the high elevations of the San Juan Mountains. During the summer there are beautiful alpine lakes and tons of wildflowers. It’s an extremely challenging race to run, but also just as difficult to get entry. Some runners do a “Softrock” where they run the trails on their own. The biggest race in the US each year is Western States and viewed as the Super Bowl of 100 mile races in the United States. It draws the top elite runners along with your average Joe runners who have ran qualifying races, but it also can take years to get your ticket pulled in the lottery. This race is ran from Lake Tahoe area down to Auburn, CA. I also have loved the idea of running the Keys 100. It is a race from Key Largo down to Key West along all the bridges and islands. I love that drive and think it is so beautiful. The downside is that it is all exposed in the sun and pavement, which really can beat up your body.

CE: Running goals for this year? 

ABM: I signed up for the Mohican 100 mile race in early June. My goal is to finish. A lot can happen in 100 miles with nutrition or your body, so finishing is my main goal. I don’t have many other goals and haven’t signed up for many races becuase I have had to work weekends again because we are short staffed at work. So I may sign up for more races if I get more weekends to open up. A big goal the last couple years is to remain healthy and injury free. 

CE: Any advice for new runners?

ABM: I started small and only could run a block in 2016 before I needed to walk. So I tried doing two blocks. Then three. So set your goals obtainable, but also a little challenging. 

Don’t be afraid to get out there because even if you are afraid of others seeing you, you are out there and doing it. 

Join a running club if you can. I joined the Columbus Westside Running Club and it was a great thing. They are free and it provides you with others that can walk or run your pace too so you can have the social aspect of group runs. 

Proper shoes helped me a lot. Running stores will help get you fitted with your footshape and stride. Sometimes running injuries are caused by shoes that aren’t ideal for your stride. 

Have fun. Sometimes I’ll go run in the rain to be silly and to try to be a kid at heart. Or I’ll put my arms out to pretend to be a plane when I’m flying down a hill on a trail.

Podcast link: http://Anchor.fm/weatheringtherun