More than what we can share at once! We are excited to be bringing this series back sharing the music we love and continuing to build a platform for the people we want to see do well. Malik, Cantly, and Emilio share the HEAT they have been listening to!

…Tyler The Creator

Cantly – I liked the standard version of this album when it was released in 2021, but I think the deluxe was the icing on the cake. I always felt like this album never really had closure and I wasn’t a fan of “SAFARI” as the last track originally. With this deluxe version we get eight new tracks and we see Tyler team up with the likes of Vince Staples (finally), a song Kanye helped produce (Heaven to Me) and his long-time collaborator A$AP Rocky and other great songs. He also dropped two music videos for the songs “DOGTOOTH” and “SORRY NOT SORRY” in which the latter stood out. We see Tyler in the video with all of his previous eras from 2009 until current day, but an unknown Tyler kills them off one by one leaving it open for interpretation for what his next album or era is going to be.. No words for how great this was.


Malik – Say what you want! But if you aren’t enjoying this wave, listen to anything that isn’t past 2020. Short play time, great beats, and music that make you want to drive reckless to the grocery store. I’ll have more please. I can already picture how many Yeats there will be in 2030.

…Key Glock

Emilio – The first album for Key Glock since the unfortunate passing of Young Dolph. Given that, there was certainly anticipation surrounding the release of this project. Glock has never been the most impressive when it comes to lyrical prowess, but his flow is very fun and the beats were hard hitting making the music incredibly enjoyable.

…Larry June & The Alchemist

Cantly – The Great Escape- First off, everything Alchemist touches turns to gold and that has always been a fact. When I heard this project was a thing, it made complete sense and sounds like a match made in heaven. I have always seen people describe Alchemist’s beats as “cloudy” and Larry June just floats on them perfectly. One thing that makes this album stand out is the features, they include: Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Boldly James (Who Alchemist collaborated with before for a banger) Joey Bada$$, Ty Dolla $ign and Curren$y. With this project you’re getting an A-list producer and an assortment of heavy and laidback flows.

…Fly Anakin

Malik – I have been listening to him for over 2 years now and can’t get over his growth as an artist. He is already 3 singles deep into his next album and I can tell it mixes so many forms of music, topics, moods, it will be one you can sit with for another year waiting on him to drop more music for us.

…Kota The Friend

Cantly – To See A Sunset: Kota is such a unique artist to me because he either makes you want to lounge around all day or go conquer the world, there’s no in the middle with this man. Like Larry June, Kota collaborates with producer Statik Selektah for a full-length project and it’s well done. One thing that always makes me listen to a Kota album is the covert art because it looks how you would imagine the album to sound.. If that makes sense? This one is a little bar on the beach and in the background you can see the sunset. I think in terms of rappers who are creating other lanes and just being themselves, Kota is very high on my list right now.


Malik – You want to listen to a rapper that is it in for the craft, for the love, for his well being, this is the album. Sometimes I get tired of hearing about cars, clothes and money and want to hear someone talk about how it is for real for real. Maxo has done that his whole career and his 2nd album established that, and I LOVE the title —

“Even God Has A Sense Of Humor”

Favorite Singles

Dead Wrong – DoubleOTone

The Perseverance – D. Knight

Tw!n Cannon$ – Designer Baby

Green(s) – J-Tolb

POP OUT – Chop Chop