Ashley Bastock talks about her career as a reporter, moves the Cleveland Browns are making for next season

CE: What made you want to get into sports journalism/reporting?

AB: I played sports my entire life and played basketball at John Carroll. I also knew in middle school I wanted to do journalism – English was always my favorite subject. I was always interested in writing and asking questions and in my head just put together that sports journalism would be a way for me to keep sports in my life while also writing, something else I grew to love.

CE: What is so unique about covering Cleveland sports, specifically the Browns?

AB: I think the passion of the fans. Sure, lots of fanbases are passionate but with the Browns it’s on another level – even when the teams are bad. The fact that the franchise has never been to a Super Bowl and hasn’t won a championship since 1964 only makes the fans hungrier for one, and rightfully so.

CE: How would you describe the feeling around the Browns going into next season?

AB: Cautiously optimistic. On paper they’ve added good pieces to the roster. Deshaun Watson will be available for a whole season. Plus new defensive and special teams coordinators. But over the past couple of years a lot about the Browns has looked good on paper. It’s all about if those pieces fit together on the field now.

CE: favorite move they have made in the offseason?

AB: Acquiring Dalvin Tomlinson. The run defense was so bad, they need help at defensive tackle. He’s bigger than anyone they have on the roster currently, and I think he can revitalize the unit.

CE: Any advice for someone looking to get into sports reporting?

AB: Just keep trying, both with writing as much as you can and with applying for jobs. I’ve been rejected from countless jobs and it’s a competitive business. My philosophy was I may not have had doors opened for me quickly, but I wanted to be the one knocking on those doors the longest.