CE: What inspired you to start Halftime Hoops?

TH: The creation of Halftime Hoops actually started with a tweet. I had the idea of creating a social media page that was centered around spreading news about the NBA. I made a tweet about it, basically expressing the idea. My close friend, Jameel Cosby, saw the tweet and said he wanted to be a part of the page. We teamed up, and Halftime Hoops was created in July of 2019.

One of our main motives was to provide a space that showed love to all NBA players that are deserving of coverage, not just the mainstream guys. Another thing we strive to be is a consistent brand that provides news to our followers, and to show people that it is possible to build a brand from the ground up.

CE: What was the transition like going from running your page about basketball to covering the Blue Jackets for the Lantern?

TH: Being the owner of my own social media brand made it an easy transition. I already had three years of experience in social media, developing ideas, using editing software, and all of the other skills that are needed to be successful in this space. I have been told that having my own brand helped separate me from other candidates. I honestly never thought Halftime Hoops would open up so many doors for me, but here we are. And I’m sure it will only continue to open doors for me.

CE: What is the most satisfying part about being in journalism and working with pro and college teams?

TH:As a journalist, the most satisfying thing that I have found is the ability to impact others with the material that you put out. My experience writing for The Lantern helped me provide a platform for new businesses and restaurants, with a couple of those stories going viral. It kept me going as a writer knowing that I made a real impact for other people.

As far as working in the professional and college space, it is truly a dream come true. Being able to be on the field during Ohio State games, in the arena for Blue Jacket home games, and hopefully being a part of an NBA or NFL team in the future, is an experience like no other. My favorite thing is just creating pieces of social content that followers like and engage with. Knowing that there is a positive reception to the content I worked on definitely keeps me going. Also, the relationships that I have built working in this space have certainly helped me become better at my job.

CE: Best advice for someone looking to get involved in sports media?

TH: Network. Say yes to any opportunity that comes your way. Whether it is your dream scenario or not, experience is the best thing in sports media. I have learned so much by just doing things. Whether it was Halftime Hoops, the Blue Jackets, or The Lantern, the experiences with these brands have pushed me more than anything. Working in sports is such a tough field to crack into, but once you get your foot in the door, continue to meet and work with great people, and have a GREAT work ethic, you can make it anywhere.