CE: How did you get into photography/ videography?

CT: My best friend and his father got me into photography/videography. My friend and I went to rival schools. He was a hooper at his school, so when they played us, I pulled up to the game. I figured he’d want some clips from the game, so I just pulled out my phone and started recording him. I had an iPhone X at the time. After the game, I sent my boy the clips and his dad loved them. He loved them so much, he wanted me to come to all of my friend’s games to record. He offered to pick me up, feed me, and pay me $10-$20 each game. Considering that I was sophomore in high school with no job at the time (and it was for my best friend), I accepted the offer immediately. After I finished the season, my mom seen how much I loved doing videography, so she bought me my first camera for my 17th birthday and the rest is history.

CE: Favorite sport to shoot?

CT: My favorite sport to shoot is football. I played football for nine years, so I know the sport like the back of my hand.

CE: Do you look at anyone else for inspiration?

CT: My mother is my biggest inspiration. I grew up in a single parent home and I wouldn’t be who I am today without my mom. After her, I have many that inspire me on a daily like Inky Johnson, J. Cole, and a few people in my close circle. 

CE: Favorite picture or moment you’ve captured?

CT: I would say that as of right now, my all-time favorite moment that I’ve captured was the UNC vs Miami football game this past season. The reason being is because that was first traveling experience with UNC football. I prayed so long for God to bless me with that moment, and that entire experience was a testament to all of my hard work and dedication to this craft. 

CE: Advice for anyone looking to learn how to shoot videos and take pictures?

CT: Find your peace within your craft. Figure out what you love shooting and how you want your style to be. Also, be authentic in your work and the way you interact with people. Don’t try to come in and completely replicate someone else’s work or style. Don’t come in (or even down the line) trying to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself! Authenticity and who you are as a person will sometimes carry you farther than your work.