CE: How did you get involved in creative media at Ohio State?

EM: I started filming for the first time for the basketball team where I attended at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, OH my junior year of college. From there I fell in love with learning and crafting the art of video and telling stories. This eventually lead me to Wake Forest University for just under a year before landing the job at Ohio State. Addison Skaggs, the Director at the time had reached out to me through twitter asking me about my interest in the job and from there on I was hooked after growing up a buckeye fan my whole life. My mom and Dad went to Ohio State, and this was my way of continuing a the legacy of being apart of the new university in the world, The Ohio State University.

CE: Who are some of your biggest influences from the world of art and design?

EM: Some of my biggest influences in the world of design would have to be my former boss as Wake Forest, Ross Marra who taught me quite a bit and helped fine tune my craft from the day I met him. He helped my find my niche in video editing and filming and allowed me to grow as a creative. My other big influence is one of great friends, more like family to me, Wilson Misiuk who went to Baldwin Wallace with me. He was someone who introduced video to me in the first place and I still work with very often. These two have paved a way for me to become the creative I am today.

CE: What does a typical day look like for you during football season?

EM: A typical day during football season looks a lot like a players routine. Getting up and being at the facility early to film anything that’s going on from workouts, team meetings to recruit photo shoots. There is always something going on, especially during the season. Whenever you’re not filming something, you constantly on the editing grind for the next weeks game whether it be for motivation videos, trailers, game recaps and more. A typical day in season is a grind, but that’s the way it should be to be the greatest and best in the world, which is the standard for everyone at Ohio State.

CE: Words of advice for anyone looking to get into this field?

EM: My biggest advice is to anyone going into this field is to always network, become a sponge for learning from other creatives, tutorials and more because the more information you truly obtain, the more you can get creative and dive deeper into finding your niche as a creative. Networking and being a sponge for learning are two things that helped me get to where I am today.