Riah B finding her sound in the industry

CE: What got you interested in making music?

RB: I was interested in music at a very young age. I come from a musical family and grew up singing in church. After high school I started to record and find my own voice .

CE: If you could open up for any artist, who would it be?

RB: If I could open up for any artist in today’s time it would probably be H.E.R. I love her music and vibe. I feel like I would be a good addition to her set .

CE: Favorite song you have ever recorded?

RB: This is a hard decision because each one of my songs I have a different love for. If I had to choose I think my favorite would be my song- Slow .

CE: How do you find inspiration for your lyrics?

RB: I think inspiration is in my everyday life . I really never try to force or seek it . Sometimes I can gain from others experiences or be inspired through others creativity. So I just live my life and put myself around people and places where creativity flows .

CE: What’s next for your music career?

RB: You can definitely expect another project soon . I want to work on some more collaborations this year and also push my brand and take my overall content to the next level . It’s very important to me that my music and image are both impactful ,authentic,positive and transparent.