Ethan Harrison: Influences, Music & Videography

CE: How did you get into videography?

EH: I was a college baseball player and got hurt my senior year and didn’t know what to do with myself while I was recovering so I had my dad send me one of his old cameras and I started filming highlight videos for my team and then that turned into free lance work and I fell in love with it.

CE: Who are some of your favorite videographers, channels, or influencers?

EH: Noah Halford (Tennessee)
Eichel Davis (Cincinnati)
Jacob Reeves (South Carolina)
Kyle Coulter (Clemson)
Logan Stevens (Notre Dame)

CE: Most memorable game or moment you have caught on video?

EH: Probably this year at the crosstown shootout between Cincinnati and Xavier, we came back from a 17 point deficit at halftime and tied it up on a David Dejulius and one three with 7 seconds left in the game and I have the perfect shot of it. 

CE: How does music influence your projects?

EH: Music is everything. The music is one of the biggest parts to the story. It may take a little while to find the right fit for a song, but it makes it worth it. It draws the viewer in, and it helps with the flow of the video. I always take a lot of pride in my music selections because I know how important the music is to every video.

CE: Any advice for someone aspiring to be a videographer?

EH: My advice would be to shoot everything, all sports because some of the most fun I’ve had was shooting small sports where you have unlimited creative freedom. Yes football, basketball and baseball are a lot of fun to shoot, but filming small sports forces you to be creative sometimes instead of doing the normal thing, so take pride in the smaller sports and don’t let that creative drive to to waste.