Kellyanne Stitts is making waves in sports media

CE: Want made you want to be a sports reporter?

KS: I grew up playing sports, primarily soccer, however I was painfully average. I remember watching Erin Andrews manning the sidelines for NFL games which peaked my interest in sports broadcasting. Once I realized sports reporting was an actual job and not just “famous” people, I started visualizing myself in that role as early as 8th grade. Since then, I have worked hard to stay in the game. Sports broadcasting has been a great vessel to keep in sports while utilizing my talent in storytelling.

CE: If you could interview anyone in the history of sports, who would it be?

KS: This is a tough one, but I would interview Kobe or Tom Brady.

CE: You covered Tennessee and Ohio State football in the same season. Were there any similarities between covering an SEC team and a Big Ten team in the same season?

KS: It is crazy to think I covered the top team at the country at some point this season… in the same season given when I left Tennessee to return to Columbus. I loved covering the SEC. The pageantry, traditions, and electric atmosphere is unmatched, in my opinion. Gamedays on Rocky Top is a top-10 college football experience. There is a lot of tradition at Ohio State which I also appreciate. I would say the one similarity between the two conferences is that they are both top-heavy with elite programs. Ohio State and Tennessee were similar with their air-raid attacks, but the pace the Vols played at would have me sweating as I ran up and down the sidelines shooting the games LOL. You literally could not put down the camera or stop and start recording when they were on offense, that’s how fast they would snap the ball and start each play.

CE: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

KS: I believe hard work and a positive attitude will get you to where you want to be in life. My long-term goals are working as a sideline reporter/host for a regional sports network or national network.

CE: Favorite sports movie?

KS: I’m not much of a movie buff and have not seen a ton of classics, however, one of my favorite sports movies is, “The Blind Side.”

CE: Any advice for someone looking to get into sports journalism?

KS: One of my mentor’s told me this phrase and as simple as it is, it’s very true, “just keep working.” Working in sports media is a grind and like the athletes you cover, you will have to make a lot of sacrifices, working weekends, nights, holidays, traveling, etc. While it is a ton of work, as a sports fan, it is well-worth it.