1. Some of your most memorable games, achievements, accolades playing basketball at UD?

– 2020 Atlantic 10 Tournament Championship

o This was one of my all-time favorite games in a flyer uniform. We were fortunate enough to host the A10 tournament, and win the championship in front of our amazing fans, community, students, family, and friends. It was an amazing environment and feeling when the final buzzer sounded. That team was one of the most connected teams I have been a part of and we all played for each other, and it showed. 

– 2022 game vs. Rhode Island at home

o This game was to win the Regular Season Championship against a really good URI team. We were able to achieve this on our home court surrounded by family and friends. The team came together and dominated the second half and it was a lot of fun.

– 2021 A10 Most Improved Player

o This was a personal accolade I received and I appreciated the league and the coaches in the league recognizing me and seeing the work I put in in the off-season. It made me feel good because I had been through so much in terms of injuries, and filling different roles on the team. 

– 2022 First Four NCAA Tournament game vs. DePaul

o Easily my most favorite in a flyer uniform. It was not only my last and final season, but it was my only win in the NCAA Tourney and our whole team dominated from start to finish. We had so much fun out there and made so many memories. It was a dream to play and win in March Madness, and this game made it a reality. 

2. How did being an athlete inspire you to write your book for children? 

– As an athlete, you go through so many obstacles and adversity to reach success. You have doubters, and people that don’t want to see you succeed. I wanted to write a children’s book to help instill the idea of ‘perseverance’ and ‘resiliency’ in the minds of young girls and boys. If anything, I hope my book inspires kids to never give up, chase their dreams, and to never doubt themselves. 


3. What are some of your goals after you’re done with basketball?

– I want to get into college coaching because I want to give back and help pave the way for those that come after me. Basketball is something that I am extremely passionate about, and coaching is a way that I see myself mentoring, teaching, and inspiring young women. 

4. Favorite sports movie?

– Hoosiers

5. Any advice for younger athletes? 

– The advice that I would give young athletes is to never give up and always trust the process. There is no journey to success without bumps in the road and without failure. When adversity hits, put your head down and work harder. Do not walk away or give up. Unfortunately, that is becoming the new norm. The ones that come out on top are the ones that fight through the hard times and believe in themselves and the process.