As a gamer, adult, and someone always on the go – the weekend is when I game! When I say game, I mean you have nothing else on the schedule but to grab a controller!

I asked a few of my favorite people to drop what game they plan on spending time with to give YOU an idea of what to play (trust me I’ve been there) or maybe discover a game you haven’t heard of.

Let me get us started.


I lovedddd FIFA 23 and can’t wait to see the new rebrand (Yeah it’s not called FIFA anymore) and all the new changes to the actual gameplay they are bringing. Been watching a lot of soccer this year and as a new fan of the sport I think this one will be a classic!


Play Valorant

” – my group of friends is free this weekend so it will be a gaming weekend ” – Evan Alary

I have really only watched Valorant players, (I’m picky with FPS games) and they all seem like they are VERY good. That’s not technically the case, I just don’t have the quickness and accuracy for this game! This game has held strong for almost 3 years now so want to sweat, or try a new shoot em’ up, try this Free game out. But be prepared.


Play Into The Radius

” I’m planning to take the game in a new direction and breathe life into the atmosphere and gameplay in a way no one’s ever seen; also because you should always be prepared for the apocalypse LOL ” – Shogun Leek: YouTube

For the VR homies out there, this game is different! Very good mix of thriller, survival, shooting, and story. One of those gems I was telling you at the beginning. Sound interesting? It is.


Play Starfield

” I would like to play Starfield but only through Xbox game pass because for $10 you get to play and complete the story – – just like you paid the full game price. Also, being a fan of Bethesda games and space. It’s a win-win. Plus the $10 game pass access issaa triple W ” – Dre_ByTheWay

Man listen – play this game. I have 15+ hours on here and feel like I have completed nothing! There’s so much to do and learn about this game and so much story to it – it sucks you in. For a weekend gaming session, this is easily how you can sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in this space adventure game brought to you by the same company that brought us Skyrim.

Come back next time to continue to see what’s out, what people are playing, and get introduced to more of my gaming friends. Hopefully, I helped you out in your free time to choose something to play! Talk soon.