Austin Hitte reveals his Mt. Rushmore of producers and teases upcoming projects

CE: How did you get into making music? 

AH: I got into music when I was very young. My pops was always starting various bands growing up so I was ALWAYS around some instruments. I feel like my earliest, most distant memory as a kid was playing my tiny 3 piece drum set in my bedroom while listening to my favorite CDs. Now look at me… 18 years later and I am basically doing the same thing! Making beats and collecting records. 

CE: If you had to create a Mt. Rushmore of producers, who would be on it? 

AH: This is something I could talk about for HOURS. My G.O.A.T. producer list is as follows… DR. DRE, Kanye West, DJ Drama,and Pharrell Williams.  There are so many great producers that have influenced my style! This specific list could go on for days and days, but those guys are definitely my MT. Rushmore. 

CE: Favorite song to perform live? 

AH:My personal favorite song to perform live is “With Me” off of my Fresh Squeeze EP. It’s a smooth little RNB joint so I feel like it throws everybody a curveball. Right now I’m primarily playing underground HipHop / Rap events so it’s always nice to have some variety in the mix! I feel like it helps separate me as an artist. 

CE: Upcoming projects we should be looking out for? 

AH: I will be releasing my next single “We Gotta Go” on Friday September 29TH. It’s a fast-paced, energetic, heavy hitting jam. It’s not necessarily synonymous with my past releases, but I am very excited to see how my listeners will receive the change! It features production from my good friend and mentor Isodope Beats. We collaborated on the beat making and writing process, and I am super pumped about the results. We have been working together for quite some time now, but this one in particular is really special to both of us.