Ashley Bastock unpacks Cade York’s kicking challenges

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

CE: Do you think the Browns will stick with Cade York for the whole season?

AB: The Cade York conversation is a really interesting one. The Browns have remained adamant that they have confidence in Cade. They haven’t said anything about bringing in competition, so I think it’s really hard to say that they are. But, it’s tough because Cade has not been consistent and I have been adamant that no matter what he did this preseason, I wasn’t going to get too enthusiastic about. His issues last year kind of stem from (and he’s been honest about this) focusing too much on his mechanics. So even if he was perfect in the preseason, it would be difficult to sit here at this point after three preseason games and say his problems are fixed.

CE: Is there a possibility they could bring in some competition?

AB: As the weeks go on and the misses pile up, I do wonder if they have a contingency plan. And if there might be a veteran worth brining in who would be willing to compete with Cade. I don’t know, the season is still three weeks away. I worry about them not having a backup plan when so many games in the NFL are won by one score. Kicking really matters, and it’s all mental. I think that’s the key, when something is mental that makes it harder to fix or diagnose. I’m fascinated to see how this plays out.