CE: What do your day to day tasks look like at 4th Floor Creative?

KS: The day-to-day tasks at 4th Floor Creative vary and that is what I love most about what I do. No day is the same, especially when you work with multiple clients both in the sports industry and corporate world. I could be editing a project the one day, shooting a commercial/game the next and then creating motion graphics the following day. It all just depends on who we are working with and what projects we are focused on that week.

CE: FC Cincinnati has been on the rise and you get to cover and shoot content with them pretty closely. What has that been like?

KS: I’ve always enjoyed working in sports because I was an athlete. In a way, I feel I am still part of a team because you build those connections with the staff, players, and fans. It has been a great experience being a part of/seeing the growth in the FCC team and organization.

CE: Any more projects we should be looking out for this year?

KS: This year so far has been a world wind in the most amazing way. It’s been our busiest winter/spring yet and we are very grateful for that. We have a lot of cool projects that are currently in the works that will be releasing in the next month. I am not going to give anything away in terms of what those are, so you are just going to keep an eye out for 4th Floor Creative.

CE: Any advice for someone that wants to shoot/cover sports and work in the digital space?

KS: My advice is to just do it. Not to sound like a NIKE commercial…but the more you shoot/edit the better you will become. So, pick up a camera, make connections, ask questions, and take advice. Cinematography is becoming a lost art so if you want to separate yourself from others, learn how to shoot in manual and really understand the settings in your camera. Anyone can put a camera into auto and shoot a game/cover sports, but the best can do that manually.