CE: What inspired you to be an NFL agent?

MM: I decided on this career path in college while talking to an attorney. She knew I loved football and wanted to go to law school, so she brought up being an agent and it clicked. I’ve always known I wanted a career where I could impact lives in an industry I enjoy. Since then, my “why” has changed a lot, and I’ve stayed because of the relationships. When you get to know the guys and their families, it becomes so much bigger than contracts and football games. It’s really a period of time that can impact the trajectory of the rest of their lives, and being involved with that is an honor and something I don’t take lightly.

CE: What are some of the most important qualities you believe a successful sports agent must possess?

MM: To be successful in this capacity, you have to be a problem solver first and foremost. That comes from a lot of flexibility, creativity and grit. Our role outside of the contract negotiations is to make our clients’ lives easier, so you have to be someone who doesn’t stop at the first roadblock or the first “no” you hear. This is a job where things almost never go as planned, so you have to be able to withstand change and uncertainty. Every day will present new challenges so you have to be able to adapt to both the day-to-day of this business and the ever-changing nature of the industry in general.

CE: What does a typical day look like for you?

MM: This is always hard to answer because no two days are the same. Like I said, we are essentially problem solvers, so every day is just about solving whatever problems are ahead. Sometimes that’s injuries or getting someone a job, sometimes its helping a guy prepare for the draft, other days its more administrative. It depends a lot on the time of year and what the specific needs of our clients are at the time. We are available to our clients 24/7, so it never shuts off or stops.

CE: You have a podcast called, “Where You’re Planted” are there any similarities between your job and doing your podcast?

MM: I think the commonality is I just what to use whatever platforms or positions I have to impact people’s lives in a way that they ask about Jesus or want to pursue a purpose-driven life for God. Both of these things are just my current assignments, and at any time, that can change. So I look at any assignment from God as an opportunity to show people who God is and what He did for me and can do for them.

CE: Any advice for someone aspiring to be a sports agent?

MM:I would say the biggest piece of advice is to know your “why”. Its not enough to just love sports. The football (or whatever sport) aspect of it is just what brings us all together in the space we’re in. Its really a job about the people, so if you don’t have a strong “why”, it will be hard to sustain through the difficult periods when your clients need you. Be flexible with your journey and don’t get too caught up in timelines or comparison.