How would you describe your style as a DJ?

I would say i’m very diverse. I don’t really like to say that I have a specific style because I dj for so many different crowds and people. I do however like to DJ quicker and keep the tempo going. Its not always a fan favorite due to people liking to hear majority of the song, but quicker mixing means constant energy. For the most part!

What does your pre show routine entail?

A nap. Always need a nap before I play. It just helps me refuel my energy before I play at night or before a game. I also will look for new edits, or just listen to other dj mixes to draw some inspiration for my set. I usually like to get a nice meal also. Other than that, just try to relax and feel the night out!

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

Spotify has been my best friend recently. They have such a great array of playlist from all genres and it helps out a lot. I also use record pools from which I download music from and they have top charts that also help! Tik Tok somewhat sets new trends also unfortunately, so just watching videos and seeing what people are making dances / videos to.

Most useful techniques to keep listeners and audience engaged?

I would go back to the quick mixing. It just keeps people on their toes and doesn’t give them a chance to necessarily get attached to a song. Also being on the mic and grabbing peoples ear that way is great. Giving the crowd direction with your voice, and having them participate throughout the night rather than just being a spectator.

Most rewarding part about being an entertainer?

All the people I get to meet and connect with. You come across so many different people after being in it so long. I’ve made so many friends and so many connections that I may not have made sitting at an office desk for 8 hours a day. Its also not always the same. Playing at the same club can be repetitive but you really never know what kind of night you’re walking into. Same with a game. You could dj for an amazing game that night, have an amazing crowd, honestly just never know! I love the constant change it provides.