Keep up with Alyssia Graves! Her journey as a podcast host, and working in sports media.

Is there any connection between being physically active and creating content for your
sports media outlet?

I believe in general there is a strong connection with being a trainer and how I go about interviews and storytelling in sports media. Both require connections and trust to get vulnerability. If you want to share someone’s story and interview them, that all starts with building a foundation of trust, and that’s the same in wanting to help someone on their fitness journey. I strive to make connections with every person I train in helping them reach their goals in the same way I work to build connections in my interviews to better share their stories.

You have had a love for football your whole life and that is one thing that led you to Ohio
State. Who were some of the first players you remember watching? Most memorable
game you attended?

Funny story: I actually was not allowed to go to a home Philadelphia Eagles game until I was 16 (because we all know how Eagles fans can be even though I love them). I did grow up going to training camp every year and the player I admired the most was always Brian Dawkins and he’s my favorite Eagle of all time. 

My most memorable football moment was at Ohio State. It was the 2017 Ohio State-Penn State game when JT came back in the fourth quarter to win. I remember taking a moment before the final stop to look around the entire stadium and soak it all in. Those games are what make college football so special and to be a part of it at an institution built on so much tradition and history was such a surreal feeling and I was so grateful for that experience. 

What was it like being a community relations intern for the Los Angeles Sparks?

It was probably the most valuable experience I have had so far in the sports industry despite it being in an area that I was unfamiliar with. It truly showed me the disparities between men and women sports. The Sparks play in the Arena like the Lakers and Clippers despite not having nearly the support and staff as they do, yet they continue to pour so much into the Los Angeles community. I was able to work on two big projects to help foster youth and young girls in the community and the opportunity to be so hands-on in the process was so rewarding. The WNBA is so important and does so much to empower their communities and they deserve so much more recognition, funding and exposure.

What is your dream job in the sports media world?

This is such a hard question for me to answer. Years ago it would be to be on ESPN (which seemed to be every aspiring broadcaster’s dream). Now I just want to do something to help others. In everything I do I hope to provide a platform for athletes who might not always be represented adequately to share their stories. I don’t know what my dream job is but I hope that in whatever I do, it can be to empower and uplift others. 

If you could host a daily segment with one sports media personality, who would it be and

Kevin Hart! He is not a sports media personality but all his features on sports shows have been hilarious. He is an Eagles fan like myself and I think it would be so fun to work alongside someone like him doing a sports show ’cause why not!

Words of advice to anyone that wants to be a future broadcaster?

Keep going. The pandemic took so much from me but it all led me to where I am supposed to be. There’s been so many times I wanted to give up and considered changing careers because of all the nos I have received. I do believe what is meant for you will always find you. Most importantly, stay true to yourself! There were so many times I would stay quiet about my beliefs worried that it would affect my career. Fighting for and being vocal about the things I really believe in has led me to the right people and organizations. I don’t ever want to work in a place that doesn’t support my moral values but also who I am as a person so I am a strong believer that staying true to who you are puts you exactly where you are meant to be.