Hobbies/interests outside of music?

I love to read, travel, meet new people and try different exotic foods.

Who is a musician you want to collaborate with?

I love T Pain. He reminds me of myself as a creative and I think we would create something refreshing and innovative if we collaborated together.

Describe your favorite venue for performing.

I like to perform in intimate settings where I can see and feel the energy of the audience. Performing at larger venues and festivals is great, too, but smaller, more intimate venues are where I can meet and greet the fans and really experience the fellowship.

Who are some of the artists that inspired you to start making music?

James Brown, Madonna, Prince, Missy Elliott, Tina Turner.

Streaming records or physical copies?

I’m from the era of physical copies. When I first started out, I was selling CDs at my shows, however, streaming allows artists to reach more people around the world. The digital era is also allowing listeners to take music with them everywhere. Streaming is much more convenient for everyone. Most cars don’t even have CD players anymore.

Any advice for young people looking to get into the music industry?

“Follow your dreams” that means doing the work to accomplish the dream! The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately!

Get in the room with the people who can teach you about the business and surround yourself with other creatives that challenge you to be your best.

I know what it’s like just starting out in this business, it can be overwhelming. I love helping upcoming and aspiring artists. Feel free to set up a consultation with me, i’m here to help!