“FanzLab” : the future of the Euroleague

How the Euroleague wants to fully involve its fans while developping the top class European basketball.

Today January 16th the Euroleague announced a brand new development program called “FanzLab”. Jointly announced through all the social networks of the Euroleague teams, “FanzLab” is a program that consists in recruiting young Euroleague fans in order to promote and improve the Euroleague. But how does it work and how cool does the future of the Euroleague sounds thanks to this program ? Let’s check this out !

“Reinvent the Euroleague ! The Euroleague is looking for European Gen Z basketball fans for its FanZ Lab project !”

What is it and how does it work ?

This is how FanzLab is describe on the Euroleague website :

FanZ Lab is a meeting point of fast forward minds who are passionate about basketball. A pioneering community that embodies the pan-European culture history, tradition and diversity. A place where we think and work together to score and win. A place where we enjoy, discuss and co-create. A place for the brave, bold, curious and humble. Futures are plural and teamwork is much needed than ever. FanZ Lab is the opportunity to be part of this game. A contemporary way to challenge the status quo of our community.

We believe in gathering together, the power of creativity and the love for basketball culture.

What is the role of FanZ Lab ?

As described by the Euroleague itself, FanZ Lab is here to gather basketball fans from all Europe in order to create and inspire the future of the Euroleague. The goal is to include fans from 18 to 25 years old in a global improvement process of the Euroleague and this in many ways possible :

  • Members of the FanZ Lab will have the opportunity to attend Euroleague games and give a feedback of their experience
  • The members will also be able to interact between each other through a WhatsApp group so they can exchange around their Euroleague experience as fans and also find ways to improve this experience
  • Members will be able to join online sessions with a moderator so they can pitch their own ideas and discuss once again around one common goal : improve the Euroleague and the experience that goes with it
  • Members will also have to take part into an online survey so they can tell about their passion for basketball and what does Euroleague represents for them and how the competition can have a better impact on their life of basketball fans

Who’s able to join the FanZ Lab ?

Young European basketball fans aged from 18 to 25 years old. From the moment you’re betwen 18 and 25 and you like basketball and the Euroleague you can try to join the program. However it’s even better if you live in Europe and more especially in the 12 selected cities which are part of the most important cities in Europe :

  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Madrid (Spain)
  • Paris (France)
  • Lyon (France)
  • Berlin (Germany)
  • Munich (Germany)
  • Milan (Italy)
  • London (England)
  • Athens (Greece)
  • Moscow (Russia)
  • Istanbul (Turkey)

Everyone who’s willing to join the FanZ Lab will have to fill in a form avaible on the FanZ Lab website and then hope to be selected as a FanZ Lab member !

Finally, all participants will get a chance to win tickets for regular season games, tickets for the Final Four, one year of Euroleague Pass but also signed Euroleague merchandise.

Why this program is very interesting for the future of the Euroleague ?

For many years the Euroleague has been often criticized or not appreciated at its right value mainly because it’s European basketball. We know how dominant the NBA is in terms of popularity when it comes to basketball leagues and sports leagues in general. Unfortunately, a majority of critics towards the Euroleague are often coming from Europe and European basketball fans. Despite reaching an amazing level of basketball and despite being decently attractive, the Euroleague is still looking to reach another level of popularity. Including the fans and especially the young generation in this process of reinventing the Euroleague in the upcoming years sounds very exciting and very promising. It will definitely help the Euroleague for first of all improve an already well organized league but also improving its popularity by showing that the young generation is involved in the process. We know how creative the young generation can be and combining the creativity and the passion for basketball can only give excellent results ! Moreover, the process of including young fans in such a process is something that so far, has been rarely done in any sports league and by doing so, the Euroleague could be an example for many leagues across the globe !

The future of the Euroleague looks very exciting and if you want to be a part of it, I’d definitely recommend you to do so !