ComplexCon attendees have their photos taken in front of the conference logo on Saturday. ComplexCon is a two-day festival thrown by Complex magazine that focuses on trends in style, pop culture, music, sports and sneakers. The first day of the festival was on Saturday, November 3, 2018. Photo by Bill Alkofer, Contributing Photographer)

ComplexCon was back in action after everybody collectively took the year off in 2020 to…rest. We spent two days in Long Beach and only have one thing to say about the city; that Hooter’s is next level.

Fortunately for everybody that had to wait in line to enter the convention the weather could not have been better. ComplexCon used this to their advantage by having all the food vendors set up outside in a nearby park where you could enjoy a lobster roll or even a “Hot Ones” chicken wing.

Let’s talk about the best thing we saw over the past weekend, MARKET. Formally known as “Chinatown Market”, MARKET went through a rebrand earlier this year and finally had the chance to hard launch the new name at ComplexCon. It doesn’t hurt that their section of the show took up about a quarter of the entire area. On display they had an assortment of 20 t shirts, fake LV purses with any customization for $200, their infamous Smiley basketball in plush version and toilet paper with Gucci print all over for the true butt wiping connoisseur.

All of that was great, but what really took the cake was their half-court basketball set up. Anybody could hop in line for a chance at three half-court shots to walk home with a variety of prizes. If you were lucky enough you got to see the genius behind MARKET, Mike Cherman, tossing out cash to everybody waiting for their turn. Of course we had to hop in line and were able to come away with $100 cash and plush basketball so shoutout MARKET for that.

The bootleg kings never seem to disappoint and if you have never heard of the gang over at MARKET I suggest you go follow along.

IG: @market