Listening to…

The music that is coming on the scene is not only 1 of 1 but GOOD!

So much good music has smacked me over the head the past couple weeks and it’s about time to drop another post for what I’ve been listening to cause I have to make sure y’all hip! I have to say, we are finding out what young adults are influenced by, and the music that is coming on the scene is not only 1 of 1 but GOOD. 


Have fun, eat your favorite food, watch your favorite tv shows, wear your favorite shirt, talk to your favorite person all night. This is the background music for it. UK born singer PinkPantheress went viral more than enough on Tik Tok and released her first mixtape on streaming platforms. 


I will start this by saying he is not for everyone… but “This song was already turnt so here’s a bell!” If you haven’t heard that sentence you were on the wrong side of Tik Tok for about a month. What does someone that grew up with Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi and synth trap beats sound like? Yeat.

…Dom Kennedy

No Dom isn’t a youngin on the scene, but his journey to reach this point is nothing less of motivating. There’s absolutely NOTHING that compares to listening to Dom Kennedy with the windows down not being in a rush for anything. Dom finally dropped From The Westside With Love Three, not a lot of misses on here. 


After his single LOW PROFILE hit over 10k streams, he locked in on a 18 minute project titled DODGED A BULLET with absolutely no misses with features from the homies and good vibes. I like to say, you’re early to this one.


Can I just say I stumbled on him skipping mindlessly through Instagram stories. You can tell he is heavily influenced by the underground scene of the likes of Navy Blue, Earl, MIKE, and he delivers on his mix of raps and beats on sound theory. Some crazy good samples, just lets you know his ear of music is not only elite but very different from most people.

Favorite Singles

Flocky Flocky – Don Toliver (feat. Travis Scott)

Happy Hour – Eyedress

PACE – Marlon Craft, redveil 

Avalanche – Reggie, Smino


Birdsong – (feat. JID & Saba) 

Contacts – Mick Jenkins