Whenever older generations (born 90s and further) recommend you a movie, I usually listen. For the main reason that people older than you have seen plenty of movies that you haven’t seen and most of the movies out now. One reason of course why this movie caught my eye was that Denzel Washington’s son was in it, John David Washington. 

Going into this movie the only other movie I see was Tenet and that movie was a mind binder the entire way through. So I started thinking okay, every movie we see John in, is movies we wish we could have seen Denzel in. John’s career will be polar opposite of his fathers and for good reason. John has amazing acting ability and obviously learned from the best, but has not truly earned that blockbuster hit yet. Tenet did not receive the greatest reviews and suffered in box office coming out around the time that theaters closed. Beckett is now his most recent larger budget movie. And what surprise this straight to streaming movie was. 

Once again John is put in a role that we have no clue what is going on majority of the movie but completely sucked in with the great acting and interesting filming. What adds the icing on the cake is that it is filmed in another country. Being American, any movie filmed in another country (Greece) instantly feels like you are watching a movie on another planet. 

Why I thought the older generation liked this movie was the cinematography. It felt like an old western, or old action movie filmed in the 90s. No special effects, no more than 2-3 camera angles in a scene, and it felt like it wasn’t filmed no longer than a week. This type of cinematography is rare because it forces you to focus on the actors, emotions, the plot and every detail that isn’t based on visuals. 

Now why I liked it was the continuous plot discovery. You have to finish the movie to truly understand the movie. Even then you sort of feel like you didn’t get the whole story. This movie is a drama, a thriller, action and mystery all in one. 

A lot of the negative reviews speak on it being a slow movie, not much depth, and lacks substance. Well I’m here to tell you if you’re bored and want a good movie to see some great acting, great writing, and see parts of the world operate that you most likely have never seen before, this is it.