Looking at all of the young talent in this division, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were the best division in the NFL in the coming years. The best team seems pretty obvious right now and don’t expect them to slow down.

1. Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs are seeking their sixth consecutive division title and third straight Super Bowl appearance. The best quarterback in the league, and one of the most explosive offenses we have ever seen. That’s the best part of the Chiefs as a team but also don’t sleep on their defense. A lot of their money is tied up in paying superstars like Frank Clark, Tyrann Mathieu and company. The Chiefs are a middle-of-the-road defensive team, but they do step up and answer the call when big games are on the line. Expect the Chiefs to make a deep run as usual and win the most games in the NFL this season.

Prediction: 13-4

2. Denver Broncos– Most people are high on Justin Herbert as a player, but not the Chargers as a team. Know the difference. I think the Broncos are the more complete team and I give them a slight edge over the Chargers because they have more offensive weapons and the Denver defense is better. Drew Locke struggled in his sophomore season, but I would expect Teddy Bridgewater to see some action sooner rather than later in the season and turn things around. The Broncos can really set the tone and win some easy games to start their season against the Giants, Jags and Jets before hosting the Ravens and the Steelers in the following weeks. Denver is my AFC sleeper team.

Prediction: 9-8

3. Los Angeles Chargers- Like I said in the Denver Broncos prediction, Justin Herbert as an individual is amazing and will be one of the best quarterbacks in the league here soon. He broke lots of records as a rookie and I imagine that he will break plenty more. Outside of their stars on offense, I don’t see a crazy amount of talent on this roster and the defense is somewhat questionable. I’m gonna say this is still a rebuild and “gel” year for the Los Angeles Chargers. But nonetheless, expect big things from their stars.

Prediction: 7-10

4. Las Vegas Raider– The Raiders are in the same boat as the Chargers, good, solid offense but the defense is still a question mark. They did add edge rusher, Yannick Ngakoue so maybe he will be a factor that boosts the defense this season. The Raiders finished 10th in scoring last season with 27.1 points per game but also allowed their opponents to score almost 30 points per game. The Raiders have guys like TE Darren Waller and RB Josh Jacobs who could be generational talents, but can the defense answer the call this year to REALLY push the Raiders to be a contender in the future?

Prediction: 6-11