Women’s Euro Basket 2021 final recap : Serbia on top of Europe !

Final recap of this Women's Euro Basket 2021

After 10 days of tournament it’s time to end the 2021 Women’s Euro Basket ! What happened since we started the 1/4 finals, who lost, who won, let’s talk about it !

Serbia was too strong

The Serbian girls were one the favourite team of this 2021 tournament and they honoured this status. The strongest team of the tournament didn’t failed in front any challenge, led by an impressive Ana Dabovic (especially during the final) and an freshly crowned tournament MVP Sonja Vasic, Serbia crushed its opponents. After easily escaping the group phase, Serbia had to face another favourite team : Spain. Withtout their star Alba Torrens, Spain couldn’t resist to the Serbian team. However Serbia’s biggest challenge came during the 1/2 finals. In a high level game against Belgium with a dramatic ending as we like them in basketball, Serbia won its ticket for the final at the very last second, after Belgium’s guard Julie Allemand released her shot 0.2 seconds too late. After beating 2 title contenders, Serbia had to go through France in the final game and without doubting, Serbia easily went over the French team who didn’t had a word to say in this final. 6 years after their win in 2015 (also against France) Serbia brings a second trophy at home. With a solid final game (12pts 8 rebounds 6 assists) and a solid tournament, Sonja Vasic ends up with the gold medal… and the MVP trophy ! After Nikola Jokic crowned 2021 NBA MVP it’s another huge win for Serbian basketball !

On the other side, France once again comes back with a silver medal. With a 5th silver medal in five tournaments, no need to say that the French team was highly disapointed after such a frustratring ending, as the French girls had high hopes with this 2021 tournament.

Gold medal and MVP, Sonja Vasic ends her tournament in the greatest way possible
Huge frustration for the French team after a 5th loss in five finals…

Bronze for Belgium !

Belgium missed 0.2 more seconds to get their ticket for the final. After delivering a high intensity game against a great Serbian team, Belgium had to let the Serbian girls go to the final game. It was a sad saturday for the Belgian team but in the end the Belgian Cats ended this tournament with a big smile. By beating Belarus in the third place game, Belgium comes back home with a bronze medal, a great reward after a positive tournament. Led by a very solid Julie Allemand and as always an excellent Emma Meesseman, the Belgian Cats did their best in this 2021 tournament. They were dreaming of gold medal, they didn’t get it, but still managed to end their tournament with a happy ending ! Belgium is now looking for a win at the Olympics in Tokyo !

A deserved bronze medal for the Belgian Cats

Before ending this final recap we need to talk about Bosnia. Led by a Jonquel Jones who delivered a kryptonian performance at each game (which made her ending up in the All Star Five if the tournament), Bosnia ended up losing in 1/4 finals against a more experimented French team. This surprising Bosnian that nobody expected so far in the tournament managed to get some decent wins against Belgium and above all, against Sweden, a win that offers Bosnia a ticket for the FIBA Women’s World Cup ! How far did Jonquel Jones brought Bosnia ? To the World Cup !

The All Star Five of this Women’s Euro Basket 2021 with : Belgium’s Emma Meesseman and Julie Allemand, Bosnia’s Jonquel Jones, France’s Endy Miyem and Serbia’s Sonja Vasic