Dave Sturchio is on the Anthony Richardson train!

CE: What inspired you to start your podcast?

DS: I’ve been podcasting since 2014. I’ve been in broadcast media since 2007. I just love to talk. I love to give my take and have a good debate. This latest podcast entitled “LFG w/ Dave Sturchio” is more used as an outlet to talk sports, life, entertainment. I talk on other podcasts like “The Jersey Boyz Podcast” which is a Dallas Cowboys podcast hosted by myself, nationally known comedian Bret Ernst (of Cobra Kai, Cousin Louie) and his brother Keith. I also produce a pro wrestling podcast, “The Chop Sports Fight Factory” where we talk all about the world of pro wrestling. I have my hand in a lot of topics.

CE: What topics are your favorite to discuss on your shows?

DS: I love talking football. I love talking Dallas Cowboys football. I’m a huge sports nut, love old movies and love to critique them as well.

CE: Which quarterback do you like most in this draft?

DS: Believe it or not I’m on this Anthony Richardson train right now. But the one I want to see do well is Will Levis. I got him going to Vegas.

CE: Any advice for someone looking to start their own podcast or create content?

DS: Just go. Hit record and go. Don’t worry about being perfect or doing multiple takes. Just be authentic and yourself. The minute you cater to the crowd is the minute you lose me as a listener. I want to hear some raw emotion and passion. It’s the name of the game.