It seems like the winner of this division is pretty clear this season. With the up and coming talent, there could be a lot more competition in the near future.

1. Buffalo Bills- This team has the potential to be one of the best teams on both sides of the ball again. Josh Allen will have weapons and these guys will fire on all cylinders. I predict they might even be the highest scoring offense in the league this year. Buffalo averaged 31.3 points per game last year slightly behind Green Bay. On the other side of the the ball, the defense only gave up 18.3 points per game in the last six games after a roller coaster beginning and middle of the season. If the Browns don’t make it to the Super Bowl out of the AFC, the Bills are next up.

Prediction: 13-4

2. Miami Dolphins- The Miami Dolphins were so close last year to making it into the postseason. The Colts edged them out for the last spot in the AFC. This team has one of the best group of young, promising, wide receivers after picking up Will Fuller and drafting Jaylen Waddle to play alongside DeVante Parker who has been one of the most underrated receivers in the league the last two seasons. This team could flourish this year depending on how well Tua comes out of the gate and sets the tone. Just take it one game at a time.

Prediction: 11-6

3. New England Patriots- I’ll start by saying Cam Newton had a bad deal last year with New England. He had no weapons around him and that was a big part of why New England had their first losing season since 2000. The table has been set for Mac Jones with more weapons than Cam. Jones has proven to be a solid player and a have a good work ethic from everything we have heard. If this team gets things to click at the right time and get some momentum they could challenge Miami and be back in the playoffs next year as a wild card.

Prediction- 9-8

4. New York Jets- There really isn’t a battle for the basement in this division. The New York Jets have Zach Wilson as their bright spot and that seems to be about it. The addition of wideout Corey Davis and running back Tevin Coleman were solid pickups, but not the pieces that will push them to the next level and play for a division title or playoff spot now or in the near future.

Prediction: 4- 13